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West Ridge or West Rogers Park is one of 77 well-defined Chicago, Illinois community areas. It is a middle class neighborhood located on the far north side of Chicago. It is located in the 50th Ward. It is bordered on the north by Howard Street, on the east by Ridge Boulevard, Western Avenue, and Ravenswood Avenue, the south by Bryn Mawr Avenue and Peterson Avenue, and on the west by Kedzie Avenue and the North Shore channel of the Chicago River.

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What Makes West Ridge Unique?

  • The Chicago River - is 156 miles long, and flows through downtown Chicago. Though not especially long, the river is notable for the 19th century civil engineering feats that directed its flow south, away from Lake Michigan, into which it previously emptied, and towards the Mississippi River basin. This was done for reasons of sanitation. The river is also noted for the local custom of dyeing it green on St. Patrick's Day.
  • Devon Avenue - is a major east-west thoroughfare in the Chicago metropolitan area. It begins at Chicago's Sheridan Road, which borders Lake Michigan, and it runs west until merging with Higgins Road near O'Hare International Airport. Devon continues on the opposite side of the airport and runs intermittently through Chicago's northwestern suburbs. The street is located at 6400 N in Chicago's address system.
  • Indian Boundary Park & Cultural Center - visitors can discover a beautifully restored, duck-filled lagoon, a small public zoo area with goats, sheep, chickens and ducks, a children’s spray pool, sandbox, and four tennis courts. There is plenty of open space for peaceful picnics; groups of 20 or more must have a park permit. Permits are availabe at the field house.


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