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Rogers Park or often incorrectly East Rogers Park is the northernmost of the Chicago community areas in Chicago, Illinois. It is bounded by the City of Evanston at Juneway Terrace and Howard Street to the north, Ridge Boulevard to the west, Devon Avenue to the south and Lake Michigan to the east. The neighborhood just to the west is often called West Rogers Park, although its formal name is West Ridge. Rogers Park is anchored by Loyola University Chicago and the Jesuit religious order. Historic places of interest include Madonna Della Strada and the site of the former palatial Granada Theatre.

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What Makes Rogers Park Unique?

  • Mundelein College - at Loyola University Chicago was once the tallest building in Rogers Park.
  • Rogers Park - was one of many parks created through a ten-year program providing additional recreational space for post-World War II Chicago. In 1947, the park district acquired a 13-acre property on North Washtenaw Avenue in the West Ridge community.
  • Chicago's Most Diverse Neighborhood By The Lake - for some it's the abundance of beaches, for some it's the great values in vintage apartments, for some it's the diversity and culture that comes from its location between two universities. No one can say quite for sure what it is that makes Rogers Park uniquely Rogers Park.
  • Pratt Beach - Aside from the tennis courts and the jogging paths, there are lots of interesting features to be found here: weeping trees left from this area's original incarnation as a swamp, a giant concrete sculpture for climbing, tennis courts, random public art installations, and best of all, the long pier leading out to an old lighthouse. Pratt Beach includes North Shore Beach and Columbia Beach to the south, and it segues into Loyola Park & Beach to the north with a long art wall.
  • Granada Theatre - was a movie theatre constructed for the Marks Brothers, who, in 1926, were major theatre operators in Chicago. Edward E. Eichenbaum was the principal designer for the architectural firm of Levy & Klein. Eichenbaum also designed the Marbro, Regal, and Century theatres.
  • Madonna Della Strada Chapel - was built on the lakefront with the waters of Lake Michigan directly at its front doorstep. The church was designed and built at a time when it was anticipated that Lake Shore Drive would be extended and pass directly in front. That project was abandoned. Historical restoration and renovation was initiated in the spring and completed in the fall of 2004.


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