Ravenswood Real Estate
Chicago, IL
(Parts of 60625, 60640)

Rosehill Cemetery
Rosehill Cemetery in Ravenswood

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Ravenswood Real Estate

Ravenswood is a neighborhood encompassing Lincoln Square and a portion of the Uptown community area. It is bounded on the south by Montrose Avenue and on the north by Foster Avenue. To the east, the neighborhood extends past the Lincoln Square boundary to either Ashland Avenue or Clark Street, depending on the source. The neighborhood's historical western boundary is at Western Avenue, the former Lake View township line. Immediately to the west are Ravenswood Gardens (between Western and the Chicago River) and Ravenswood Manor (between the River and Sacramento Avenue). Ravenswood Manor is part of the Albany Park community area.

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What Makes Ravenswood Unique?

  • Rosehill Cemetery - U.S. National Register of Historic Places - is a Victorian-era cemetery on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois, USA, and at 350 acres, is the largest cemetery in Chicago.
  • The Old Town School of Folk Music - is a Chicago teaching and performing institution that launched the careers of many notable folk music artists. Founded by Folk musicians Frank Hamilton and Win Stracke, the School opened in Old Town in 1957 offering guitar and banjo lessons in a communal teaching style and hosting performances by well-known folk musicians. Currently the School enrollment is about 6,000 students per week, 2,700 of them children.
  • Ravenswood Industrial Council - is an Industrial Chamber of Commerce whose members include businesses with an economic interest in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor and the northern portion of the Addison Industrial Corridor.  Founded in 1983, the Ravenswood Industrial Council (RIC) serves to address issues  of concern to the business owners and operators in the Ravenswood and Addison Industrial Corridors.  RIC recognizes that the manufacturing and service firms in both of these industrial corridors form a strong economic base that keeps our local community vibrant and provides a large number of employment opportunities for area residents.
  • Greening of Ravenswood - beautifying Ravenswood has been the goal for over fifteen years. Making progress in neighborhoods, from flower beds and street-side planters to regularly scheduled clean-up activities and projects involving area students.


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