Lincoln Square Real Estate
Chicago, IL
(Parts of 60625,60630)

Lincoln Square Mural

Giddings Square Fountain

Lincoln Square located on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois is one of 77 officially designated Chicago community areas. Greater Lincoln Square encompasses the smaller neighborhoods of Ravenswood Gardens, Ravenswood Manor, Bowmanville and Budlong Woods. Although it is sometimes known by these other names the City of Chicago officially designated it as Lincoln Square in 1925. About 44,000 people live in the neighborhood along with over 1,000 small and medium sized businesses. It is accessible through the Brown Line of the 'L'. It is also one of over 20 neighborhoods served by I-GO Cars. It is bounded by Peterson Avenue and Bryn Mawr Avenue on the north, Montrose Avenue on the south, Ravenswood Avenue on the east and the Chicago River on the west. It is somewhat trendy and its housing stock consists of private residences and small apartment buildings.

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What Makes Lincoln Square Unique?

  • Lincoln Square Mural - the Chicago Tribune calls it one of the city's most important outdoor murals. The 3000 square foot mural took two months to finish and was completed in September 1991. The mural captures a number of famous historic landmarks such as the Liebfrauen Church in Munich, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a house in the Black Forest and Lake Constanze.
  • Giddings Square Fountain - this bronze tiered fountain is the center of Lincoln Square's Giddings Plaza. Its design was inspired by the motifs on the Louis Sullivan building at 4611 N. Lincoln, now home to the Museum of Decorative Arts.
  • Merz Apothecary - located in Chicago, is a historic German health care store that has been family owned and operated since it was opened by Peter Merz in 1875. Since its inception, it focuses heavily on herbal medicines and traditional formulas common in Europe.


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